Post Lunch sleepPost lunch time at work is a time when most individuals feel lazy and sluggish. Do you also experience the post lunch dip? Read more.


Food allergyThere are many people around the globe suffering from food allergy or intolerance. For them, foods that we routinely consume can be life threatening. Read more


Brain exerciseThere is a deep connection between the mind and the body so to overlook the mental side of fitness is a great mistake. Here are various ways in which we can stimulate the brain to strengthen its functioning and remain mentally fit.








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The way the claim has been handled by Medimanage is exemplary. A very pleasant experience with good hand- holding from the very start till the complete end process . A end to end quality service provided by Medimanage. Special thanks to Ms Supriya who has coordinated my claim and has always been very supportive and reachable for all updates from time to time. Appreciate your help.

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