Here are few useful forms & lists. You would need them while utilizing your Mediclaim Insurance.

Cashless Authorisation Forms

When you have decided which hospital to take treatment from (almost 95% hospitalizations in India are non-emergency & hence you would have adequate time to select the hospital for treatment to be taken), the next step is to go to the hospital atleast 48 hours in advance & fill up a Cashless Authorisation Form. Generally, this form is also available with the hospital. The fields that you MUST know for while filling the form are:

  • The policy no. (In case of Company Offered Group Mediclaim , the name of company would do)
  • The TPA ID No. (In case of Company Offered Group Mediclaim, mention your Employee ID)

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Reimbursement Claim Form

In case, you have not taken the treatment in the Network Hospital, you will have to submit all the original documents (as per the list made available here for your reference) along with the Reimbursement Claim Form issued by your Insurer. Here are some of the forms for various insurer.

Oriental Insurance - Individual/Personal Health Insurance

Claim Form Part 1 - to be filled by you

Claim Form Part 2 - to be filled by treating doctor

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