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Uncovering Room Rent Limits in Health Insurance and their implications on Claims

Many health insurance policies, specially the policies from PSU/Govt. Health Insurance Companies, and most of the Group Policies (The health insurance through your employer or Bank Policies) have limits on room rent. The limit basically puts a cap on the per day room rent you can claim, linked mostly to the sum insured (total coverage) you are entitled to.  A recent . . .

Health Insurance Fraud : Doctors remove patients’ uterus to up medical bills - TNN

Health Insurance FraudIn one of the many interactions with friends who are doctors/health experts, we have heard of so many pushed-under-the-carpet scams. Sad to see, that there is a section of people in the medical/health industry which is all for making the entire fraternity loose its trust/dependability. There are so many lives that are completely and blindly dependant on this profession. People in . . .


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