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Consumer Commission denies relief to Mediclaim policy holder for non-disclosure

Recently, we came across news of a judgement in a leading online Publication, Non Disclosure in Proposal fomRecently, we came across news of a judgement in a leading online Publication, New Delhi: The National Consumer Commission has upheld the rejection of a Mediclaim of person, who suffered a heart attack within a week of taking an insurance policy, saying he failed to disclose the past history of the disease to the company.  "It is well settled that . . .

This World Hypertension Day, know all about High BP

this world hypertension day know all that there is to know about hypertension or High BP With the entire world observing 'World Hypertension Day' today, we are reminded that Hypertension or High BP still lives up to its 'Silent Killer' fame with almost 24-30% of India's urban population in its clasp. What's more shocking is that, most of the individuals are clueless about their hypertensive state until it gets discovered in a routine check-up! Plus with . . .

Increasing Lifestyle Diseases and the Future of Health Insurance in India

First the good news, Indian health care industry in the 1990s grew at a rate of 16% and today is worth more than $ 34 billion. Health insurance industry has registered a 20% growth in health insurance premium in December 2009 and is expected to cross a premium mark of Rs. 9000 crore in FY 2010 making health insurance industry . . .


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