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Killer Fats!

killer trans fat The recent IPL finals saw a group of friends yelling their lungs out supporting their team and at the same time gorging on fried, oily and greasy junk food. But all that yelling and gorging on junk food could not save their team from losing! However these youngsters also lost something that day – a small percentage of their health.   How? . . .

All about Low Blood Pressure

low blood pressure should not be ignored in summers On a recent visit to a doctor we noticed a little kid become enamored by the doctor’s blood pressure monitor, which is usually the first thing that any doctor picks up, when it comes to a checkup. While it was an endearing sight, it also bought to fore the importance of blood pressure, most importantly low blood pressure that is . . .

Watch what you eat! After a workout

So you have been working hard in the gym, sweating it out religiously. But still you are not able to achieve the desired results! Those few nasty pounds just refuse to take leave, leaving you thoroughly confused about what you are doing wrong? Sometimes achieving desired results becomes difficult, inspite of a good exercise regime and a balanced diet, leaving you . . .


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