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Beware! Malaria is on the Rise

malaria is on the rise in India ‘3- fold rise in malaria this month’ scream headlines in a leading city publication. With Mumbai reeling under the Mumbai has recorded a total of 13,818 cases since July 1, it is reason enough to worry if one were to compare these figures to the 4830 cases reported last June. With 1.5 million cases of Malaria being reported in 2009, the . . .

World Malaria Day - Beat the Bite!

'Sardi, Khaasi naa Malaria huan...' goes a popular Bollywood song, but one should know that Malaria is no laughing or singing matter! With Malaria accounting for 1 Million deaths worldwide, most of them being from countries such as South Africa, India, Bangladesh, China, South America etc, we should be worried about Malaria, this world malaria day. The old saying of ‘Prevention . . .


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