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Combo drugs are making treatments cost more!

Fixed combination drugs provide the same results as basic drugs do, yet cost more! How would you feel if you went shopping for socks and the salesman sold you not only socks but shoes and shirt with it? Cheated, disappointed and angry right! Imagine the same scenario happening when it comes to your basic medicines. What’s happening is that, the doctor’s these days are prescribing various fixed combination drugs (FDC) which cost considerably more than . . .

This World Earth Day, Go green and get healthy!

Get healthy this world earth day With the entire world paying homage to the Earth today on the occassion of the World Earth Day, we at decided to do something different and came up with eco – friendly ways to achieve health without causing much harm to the Earth! With a bit of research we came up with ways which would not only make you . . .

Bitter Pill

differential pricing is not helping the common man How do you normally feel when you buy a certain thing for an X amount of price and your friend buys the same thing for a price much lesser than you? Cheated, right! Now imagine the same thing happening in medicine prices across India, where certain same medicines are being sold under different brands with a considerable difference in their . . .


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