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All this Sitting is Killing Us!

sitting for long periods of time can increase your death risk! 20th century has seen many such inventions that have been aimed at making our lives easier. But while doing so, these inventions have also made us considerably lazy! And this laziness has spilled over to our professional and personal lives, where physical activity has taken a back seat in favor of sitting. While, we all thought that there was nothing . . .

Back Ache at Work

back ache With longer working hours involving our computers, we get metaphorically tied to our chairs for the better amount of the day. While there is no harm in working long hours if you are taking regular breaks, there is considerable harm if you sit slumped or with a bent back i.e. with a bad posture. Sitting with your back bent and neck . . .

Will you please stand up!

people standing up“Go sit in that corner”, is a common line that adults use while admonishing their children. Irrespective of whether you are an adult or child reading this, you are bound to have sat in that proverbial corner atleast a few times. But research now has shown that sitting in corners, chairs, sofa’s… or just sitting for a long period of . . .


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