Our 6-point-something Promises to you. Lets begin a relationship!

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OK... after a lot of deliberation internally, we are finally up with Version 1 of the website. In this portion of the website, we intend to publish thought provoking Health and Lifestyle content focused only on Indians.

This is my first blog here and I am loving the experience to be able to finally connect with you.

OK, like all relationships start, we would like to start our relationship with you with some promises. The first promise is that we would value your time, and hence without wasting one more minute of your time Wink, here you go:

1. With the kind of lack of originality (specially in Health) that we all are exposed to everyday, we are bound to see everything thrown to us with lot of prejudice of being yet another run of the mill attempt. We will strive to be India-relevant, reader-focused and original.

2. We are confident that if not now, sooner or later we will win you with our honest work and commitment towards you.

3. We promise to create an Unbiased, Strong, Proactive Health content trend (yes, at the cost of being pompous, it also means you will see people copying us, our content, our design) in India. Content that will help you take decisions, change your lifestyle, help your loved ones get healthy.

4. We promise that all that we do, we will do it with full thrust and transparency.

5. We promise that you will not find a half baked, loose service or product with no process in place.

6. We promise what you are seeing right now is just a small trailer of the movie we will rock you gradually in the next one year.

The entire attempt to make this website meaningful to us Indians, needs each one of us to contribute full heartedly towards inputs, good-or-bad feedback and suggestions. We cant go far to make health easy for each one of us without your active support. We promise [again...!] to monitor each such feedback give credit and keep you posted on the execution part. Enter them in the comments section below, or anywhere on the website!

OK, Stop! Sealed we know that too many promises also put you off... so this is it... for now! Like some quote I Googled said that a “Promise is a Cloud and Fulfillment is Rain”. Yeah, we have already started seeding the clouds…now is the time for action.

Check my next blog for that!!



Mahavir Chopra


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