We Support Green Peace against GM Food!

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Read in Hindustan Times this morning regarding Genetically Modified Brinjal being launched in India. Then, just an hour back was on twitter and got to know about Green Peace's fight against this launch and some links.

Green Peace India against GM Food in India

We support Green Peace in this fight against Genetically Contaminated/Modified/Engineered Food in India.

Their website says that GE foods could pose grave risks to the environment and even human health. Tests of GE food on animals have caused allergies, liver and kidney disorders, increased antibiotic resistance, as well as reproductive disorders.

As per Green Peace, Nestle has voluntarily adopted a GE-free policy in the European Union even before the law demanded it! However, it is shocking that Nestle seems to be open to using GE foods despite the fact that over 25,000 consumers have written in to Nestle suggesting they would prefer otherwise. On the other hand, many other responsible companies have clearly taken a stand on the issue and have assured their consumers that all their food products are completely free of genetic contamination.

What you can do?

Green Peace provides you with a list of things that can be done to stop this from happening. Check this link for the same: http://greenpeace.in/safefood/take-action




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