Permanent - what is that?

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Vishwas was all smiles and pumped up when I bumped into him at the Coffee Shop. No, not because of the pleasure of seeing me. Here goes the story:

With a broad grin, he opened his bag and produced a cheque that he actually flaunted.

More than the 6 figure premium amount that was written in the cheque, what was exciting him was the signature on the cheque. It was of M, the famous film personality.

‘M has purchased a huge property in Ooty and this is the premium to cover that property’ he said. And kind of fell silent for a minute, saviouring his moment – handling M’s insurance!

The talk turned to how the profile of film personalities have changed over the years, how, even professionals like doctors and engineers are now shining as film stars. And how, as much as professionals like doctors get into films, the film personalities are also increasingly becoming more professional about what they do with their money – investing prudently for future years.

I was reminiscing – recalling several names of stars of yester years who, once out of limelight, fell from the lap of luxury and actually ended up spending the later years of their lives in abject poverty.

“The mistake they made was that, when they were wealthy, they thought their wealth is permanent”, I said.

Vishwas suddenly turned serious.

“Do you realize it is not just the rich and famous who make this kind of mistake?” he asked.

I was puzzled. “Oh, come on.. If I am not rich to begin with, where is the question of me losing my wealth?”

Vishwas continued to be intriguing:

“Is wealth the only important thing?” he continued.

“Don’t most of us make the same mistake when it comes to health? I mean, just because they are healthy today, don’t we have a lot of people who live under the illusion that their present good health is permanent, and do not provide for indifferent health through a decent Health Insurance? I think instead of making these stories of the ‘once rich, since poor’ discussions over coffee, we should take the learning to those people who think their good health is permanent – make them realize nothing is permanent, and help them get a proper Health Insurance. I am sure that is a more meaningful thing to do than insuring M’s property.”

Vishwas abruptly picked up his bag and was gone in a jiffy, leaving me wondering, like always after any interaction with him, how insightful he is!

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