All iz not Well with us!

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When innocence, curiosity and the simple joys of young lives are replaced by stress, depression and other negative factors alike, what you are left with is a spate of suicides, with no end in view! 

The recent ‘Epidemic’ of student suicides has hit the city with more force than a Tsunami! An alarming rise in the number of stress related suicide cases amongst young students all over the country has given rise to some very pertinent questions. Questions such as ‘Who is responsible for this fatal stress build up in students? The parents or the education system?, ‘Is it high time that the education system itself is revamped?’, ‘Are movies like 3 idiots really responsible for such suicides?’ etc…

Given the emphasis on the rote learning nature of our education system, many students are simply unable to cope up. However the ‘No Mercy’ mindset adopted by the parents and society alike towards academic failure has done nothing but add to the ever increasing mountain of stress for the students.

This stress coupled with the depression of not being able to meet the heightened expectations of parents, peers and themselves too, many students are giving up! Young minds which are not conditioned to deal with such stress and depression are bound to break down, the result of which is for all of us to see.

Exploring the views of those directly affected, a leading daily conducted a survey which reported that while 71% of the student community blamed pressure and competition, 62% blamed parental expectation and pressure, surprisingly 27 %, a very small percentage of those interviewed found the education system alone to be at fault.  A mere 3% agreed with movies being the reason behind these suicides!

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