Watch what you eat! After a workout

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So you have been working hard in the gym, sweating it out religiously. But still you are not able to achieve the desired results! Those few nasty pounds just refuse to take leave, leaving you thoroughly confused about what you are doing wrong?

Sometimes achieving desired results becomes difficult, inspite of a good exercise regime and a balanced diet, leaving you wondering as to what more should be done. The answer lies in rewinding back to your diet! Did you know that what you eat immediately after the workout matters too? While many of us are under the impression that during a workout we burn those extra calories, we are free to pig out on food later on!

What you eat after your work out is very important, eating foods low in carbohydrates are known to maximize health benefits. Most of the metabolic benefits, the body derives are from its latest workout rather than its regular fitness regime! Avoiding carbohydrates after a workout is known to enhance the insulin sensitivity of the body, and increased insulin sensitivity aids the body in absorbing sugar from the bloodstream and storing it for later use.

So the next time after a workout you get those hunger pangs, don’t avoid them, just avoid the carbohydrates! To know more, click here….

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