Gymming? Protect those knees!

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knee pain Want to lose weight, join the gym! Want to gain weight, join the gym! Want to build up those muscles, join the gym!Gymming these days has become synonymous with ‘Fitness’.

With the gym having turned into a fitness haven! Wouldn’t you be shocked if you were told that gymming can cause damage?! Well, it can. Take the case of Prachi Gupta, 32, who joined a gym to lose those kilos. Armed with a personal trainer and a strong will to exercise, Prachi thought she had nothing to lose, but the weight. But she almost lost her knees in the process!

What began as a simple 15-20 minutes’ walk on the treadmill, soon turned into a 50 minutes’ walk on steep inclinations! Prachi began doing difficult exercises unsupervised in a bid to lose weight faster, she pushed the envelope a bit farther; doing free body lunges and squats too. All this was putting a tremendous pressure on her knees and it was just a matter of time before her knees gave out. Soon the pain in her knees became intolerable and Prachi had to consult a knee replacement surgeon!  

Whenever our bodies gain weight, it becomes visible on our stomachs and thighs, primarily depending on our body shapes. But what we miss out is that our knees are the most important weight bearing joint in our bodies and weight gain affects them directly as does weight loss, with every 5 Kilos of weight lost reducing three times the pressure on our knees! Putting too much pressure on them while exercising or by running too much can cause swelling and intolerable pain in them. Inactivity also causes problems in the knee joints causing stiffness and pain in them, therby affecting our mobility!

The best way to take care of your knees along with your daily fitness is to give them moderate exercise, a massage once a while have a healthy balanced diet that will cancel out the risk of serious joint problems such as arthritis!

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