Now even Third hand smoke can kill!

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Smoking killsmokes, that you know! Second hand smoke can cause cancer that too, you knew! But did you know that third hand smoke can cause Cancer too! Bet you didn’t know that?

A recent study conducted in the US, found that third hand smoke clings onto surfaces, long after the cigarette has been smoked!, Third hand smoke, to be more specific, is the tobacco residue or tobacco specific nitrosamines (TSNA), which are formed when nicotine released into the air after smoking reacts with nitrous acids, a common compound!

Researchers suggested a good clean up of the smoking area, as smoking releases nicotine in the vapor form which is absorbed quickly by walls, floors, furniture, drapes, rugs etc. Nicotine tends to cling onto these surfaces for quite a long time! Researchers particularly warned against tobacco specific nitrosamines (TSNA) as they are the most active and potent of carcinogens to be found in tobacco smoke and tobacco!

The study revealed that infants and children were at high risk from the cancer causing nitrosamines which cling to indoor infrastructure, as they were most likely to pick it up from the floor or table tops. To know more, click here..

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