Flexible work schedules for healthy employee's!

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Imagine a workplace where you had flexible deadlines, flexible timings… in short a flexible work schedule itself! It would be great, wouldn’t it?

Researchers from Durham University, in England have proven that Flexibility in work schedules boosts employee health! According to Review lead author, Kerry Joyce; workplaces with strict work schedules tend to add to the employee’s health risk. Strict work schedules with their emphasis on tight deadlines and longer working hours increase stress, which in turn can lead to serious conditions such as heart diseases, depression and anxiety!

The research found out that flexible work schedules, which cut out the ill effects of employee controlled environments i.e. deadlines and mandatory overtimes; showed considerable positive improvements in the employee’s health!  

So, for a happy productive and healthy environment, loosen the strings a bit and make those work schedules a little flexible.  

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