When to eat What ?

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food“Eat your greens”, “eat your cereals”, “don’t forget to drink milk and eat those eggs, calcium is important after all”, “Oh! You just have to eat those beans, they are an amazing source of proteins!”

No one is spared from these statements, which brings us to the question, “When to eat what?” Sure, everyone is telling us what to eat, but are they telling us when? With everyone emphasizing on eating right, no one bothers with the timings, leaving us thoroughly confused in the process! But how would you feel if someone were to give you a scheduled eating plan? You know the one which explains ‘when to eat what” Great right?

A leading daily just did that! With an hour by hour breakdown on what to eat when, there is absolutely no confusion left. Starting with breakfast or the first meal of the day, we are told to consume about 40% proteins, 40% carbohydrates and 20% fats by means of eggs, whole grains and almonds respectively!

This is followed by lunch which advises us to have around 50-60 % carbohydrates, 20-30% proteins and 10-15% fats. This can be done, by means of vegetables-try to include 3 types of vegetables at least, to ensure that you receive the required anti-oxidants or by means of lean chicken, fish or soya for their high protein content. It also advises us to have a dessert with lunch, since we are more likely to digest it well than we would during any other time of the day.

Dinner has to be kept light and consumed at least 3 hours before sleeping. It should be distributed to 40 % protein, 45 % carbohydrate and 15 % fat content. The report tells us that we should opt for dairy products as our protein sources i.e. if we had vegetables during our lunch! Furthermore we are told to include three different vegetables again, if we are to fulfill our body’s fiber and mineral requirements. It discourages eating dessert after dinner, advising a juicy fruit instead for additional fiber content.

Now that we know ‘when to eat what’, we sure are going to try and become healthy and disciplined eaters! To know more, click here…

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