No more Boring gym routines, anymore!

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tired at the gymHow would you feel, if you were given the choice between working out just one day in the gym as opposed to working out 7 consecutive days that too with the same result? Awe-struck, right?

Jan Helgerud, of the Norwegian University of Science and Technology, is of the opinion that the intensive work out designed for Olympic level athletes can very well work for each one of us! This technique, known as interval training concentrates on short bursts of intense physical exercise with breaks after every short burst.

In a study done on the benefits of interval training, Scientists found that when compared with traditional exercise, it doubled the individual’s endurance! Strength and speed also were found to be showing remarkable improvement in the territory of 10-15%.

Short bursts in interval training include four 4 minute bouts of hard cycling or sprinting with a 3 minute break after every short burst. Other physically taxing sports such as rowing or swimming should also work, says Jan Helgerud. He adds that interval training is twice as effective as normal work out sessions! To sum it up in an interesting analogy, he says that ‘Think of interval training, as a new pill that works twice as well”!

With studies in recent times, focusing on the effects of strenuous activity on older people and people suffering from health problems, having found that there is no conceivable or serious health risk attached to strenuous activity; interval training just might be the answer to your daily gymming woes!

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