India’s lost 9.2 million productive years to heart diseases!

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India has lost 9.2 million years to heart diseasesWith the occurrence of cardiovascular diseases quadrupling in India in the last few decades, we as a country are sprinting towards being a weak hearted nation! And with recent reports indicating that by 2015 we will be accounting for 60% of all heart related diseases in the entire world, it sure is a scary scenario.

The Indian Prime Minister in an address to a conference of surgeons stated that “India has lost about 9.2 million potentially productive years in the year 2000 to cardiovascular problems related deaths in the age group of 35-64 years”, this amount was calculated based on the number of productive years lost on an average, due to the death of the deceased individuals. According to reports this figure is slated to rise to 17.9 million in the year 2030, overtaking even China and US!

While adding that preventive measures were paramount when it came to cardiovascular diseases, the prime minister further stated a need for an increase in the number of medical professionals to deal with the rising instances of heart diseases in our country.

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