Ibuprofen a day to keep Parkinson’s away?

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ibuprofene to keep parkinson's awayOver the counter medicines were meant to fight simple and common ailments like cold, cough and flu. But this myth was sent for a toss when aspirin proved effective in protecting us against heart attack and stroke risks, almost a decade ago! But if reports are to be believed, Aspirin has found itself a worthy successor in the Over the counter category, in the form of Ibuprofen.

In a study which is to be presented at the American Academy of Neurology’s 62nd annual meeting in Toronto, Canada, it was found that from amongst 136,474 people who didn’t have Parkinson’s disease or PD, those who took an Ibuprofen daily had a 40% lower chance of developing PD later in life. However this only being an observational study, more research is needed on the same.

But despite it being an observational study which was led by Xiang Gao of Harvard School of Public Health in Boston, it still had shown that from amongst all of the over the counter non-aspirin NSAIDs (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, or analgesics) only Ibuprofen was found to significantly lower PD’s risk. However Prof. Gao didn’t refute the health risks posed by over consumption of Ibuprofen, while adding that low doses of Ibuprofen didn’t trigger adverse side effects!

With all said and done, it still remains to be seen whether Ibuprofen does really keep Parkinson’s away? We’ll surely be waiting for this one!

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