Back Ache at Work

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back ache

With longer working hours involving our computers, we get metaphorically tied to our chairs for the better amount of the day. While there is no harm in working long hours if you are taking regular breaks, there is considerable harm if you sit slumped or with a bent back i.e. with a bad posture.

Sitting with your back bent and neck jutting out, is going to do nothing but leave you with a bad posture and back ache. Bad posture puts pressure on your spinal cord which causes the back and shoulder pain, meaning the more you slump in your chair or bend your back while sitting, the worse the pain in your back! Now add an unhealthy diet, lack of proper activity or exercise and a generally unhealthy lifestyle and what you have is a painful back which refuses to take leave and causes serious injury in some cases.

But all is not lost! Back ache can be taken care of with an improvement in one's posture by walking and sitting with your back upright and straight. along with some exercises and asanas to strengthen the back muscles.

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