Exercise during Pregnancy for Smaller and Healthier babies!

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exercise during pregnancy for smaller babies

Childhood obesity is a fast rising problem in today’s children. While chubby and plump kids look really cute, this obesity poses a great number of health risks for the child when he/she grows up. The main risk factor being childhood obesity is a recurring problem and haunts the person through his adult life!

But according to recent reports, exercising when the baby is within the womb helps to control his weight. This is good news, as a large birth size points towards possible complications such as childhood obesity. However according to researchers from the University of Auckland in New Zealand, light to moderate aerobic exercises help in a modest reduction of the baby’s weight  or smaller babies, without causing any other alterations in the maternal insulin resistance.

Maternal insulin resistance is very important in fetal development as it increases the nutrition availability to the fetus promoting a healthy and well developed fetus with a lesser chance of developing childhood obesity.

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