All about Low Blood Pressure

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low blood pressure should not be ignored in summers

On a recent visit to a doctor we noticed a little kid become enamored by the doctor’s blood pressure monitor, which is usually the first thing that any doctor picks up, when it comes to a checkup. While it was an endearing sight, it also bought to fore the importance of blood pressure, most importantly low blood pressure that is often found ignored by people in India.

What is moreworrying here is that people rather than ignoring it, think of it as a harmless condition. While awareness about High BP is quite high, low BP is yet to be seen as a problem in India.The harsh summers which we witness in India are a time when Low BP or hypotension strikes most people, mainly because hot temperatures cause dehydration which is one of the triggers for Low BP! While ample hydration is the best immediate cure for it, long – term sufferers are recommended dietary changes involving consumption of salty items till the BP reaches normal levels, exclusive fruit diets and so on.

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