World Malaria Day - Beat the Bite!

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'Sardi, Khaasi naa Malaria huan...' goes a popular Bollywood song, but one should know that Malaria is no laughing or singing matter! With Malaria accounting for 1 Million deaths worldwide, most of them being from countries such as South Africa, India, Bangladesh, China, South America etc, we should be worried about Malaria, this world malaria day.

The old saying of ‘Prevention is better than cure’ stands true to its merit when it comes to preventing Malaria, as one just has to follow the simple A,B,C and D method. Where A stands for Awareness of the risk

B stands for Bite Avoidance

C stands for Chloroquine phosphate – the anti malarial medicine

and D stands for Diagnosis.

To know more see how to prevent Malaria

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