Killer Fats!

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killer trans fat

The recent IPL finals saw a group of friends yelling their lungs out supporting their team and at the same time gorging on fried, oily and greasy junk food. But all that yelling and gorging on junk food could not save their team from losing! However these youngsters also lost something that day – a small percentage of their health.



Well, according to a recent report, French fries or a couple of samosas are enough to increase your risk of cardiovascular diseases by a whopping 23% And all this because of the mere 2% of Trans- fatty acids present in them, added mainly during the cooking process by means of the cooking oil.


 Trans-fat raise low density lipoprotein or to put it simply your “bad cholesterol” levels and reduce your “good cholesterol” levels. Not only this but trans- fat also causes an imbalance in your omega-6 and omega-3 ratios, while raising levels of C- reactive protein which puts you in danger of developing cardiovascular diseases.

Despite trans-fat being so harmful they are found to be a part of most commonly used cooking oils in India. A survey conducted in Delhi revealed shocking results in terms of awareness regarding trans-fat where only 72% of women had ‘heard’ of it, while only 28% knew what they were and only 17% knew their sources.

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