Launch of The Great Indian Book for Baby Care

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In the high-performance-high-aspirations age we live, more and more Indians live as nuclear families in distant cities away from their own parents.

Long gone are the days, when Dada-Dadis or even Nana-Nanis used to be the doting baby care guides. In a way, Baby Care today has become a case of trial-n-error internet browsing or picking up a famous book recommended by your nearest book shop.

What better a gift for first time mothers, on Mother’s Day, than a well-researched simple guide to manage their most valuable little ones?

The Book – The Great Indian Guide for Baby Care was launched on the eve of Mother’s Day (8th May) by renowned Pediatric Cardiologist Dr. Abdul Rasheed of Asian Heart Institute Mumbai.

With contributions from leading pediatrics and gynecologists, the well researched eBook has been compiled in lucid language keeping in mind the challenges of today’s young mother.  The eBook uniquely blends global best practices in Infant Baby Healthcare with a rich Indian flavor, perfect for the Indian Household.

The 109 page book is produced by; a free web-based Preventive Health Magazine. “We found that most books available in the market today are western, outdated or too thick for today’s tired mommies to go through. That’s when our online magazine thought of writing a simple eBook” Says Mahavir Chopra, Head – eBusiness,

The eBook, currently available in English, can be personalized as a gift and downloaded from the website at the following link for free.

About ( is a free India-centric online health magazine focused on day-to-day preventive health. The website provides lucid original content on 9 important aspects of Preventive Health, right from Weight and Diet to Parents’ Health and Health Insurance.  The website was launched in October last year, by Medimanage Health Services Pvt. Ltd. – A Preventive Health Management Company headquartered in Mumbai.

“The articles in the website as much as the chapters in this book are written by professional writers often in layman’s language or even in story form, so that they appeal to readers and encourage a healthy lifestyle.” – Says KS Sankar –Editor-in-Chief of the Website.


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