India’s Cancer epidemic

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lisa ray cancer

The dreaded disease can no longer just be shushed into silence. It is increasing been written and talked about, take Lisa Ray for example who suffered from Cancer of white blood cells who actively blogged and tweeted about it, even posting bald pictures of herself !

It is important that we become more about this disease because number of people suffering from cancer is predicted to reach epic proportions. Currently there are 30 lakh people suffering from cancer today, by 2020, WHO predicts that this number is going to triple and then grow at the rate of 20% each year, double that of our GDP, if you notice.

Here is why you must take note of cancer,

  • Pollution, sedentary lifestyle, unhealthy diet and irregular habits and stress increase the risk.
  • Early detection can lead to recovery (Lisa ray had a  blood cell transplant is much better today)
  • It affects people of all age. Incidents in young Indians are increasing.
  • Cancer treatment is expensive and can severly affect the finances of your family

To read more about the India’s Cancer epidemic, read this article in TOI Crest,

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