Unhealthy health Shortcuts!

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Shortcuts. We use plenty of them on a daily basis; Shortcuts on our computers keyboards, shortcuts to reach our destinations early, shortcuts in our meals by opting for fast foods and so on... but are all the short cuts that we take healthy?

The answer is No! As not all shortcuts that we take are healthy, some shortcuts such as eating food past its expiry date to avoid going out and buying it, popping your mother’s sleeping pills to avoid going to the doctor and getting yourself a new prescription etc. may spell disaster for you health wise!

A fact discovered by a 39 year old Delhi Businessman who opted for wearing his contact lenses way past their expiry date to avoid buying new ones. The result was persistent redness and itchiness in his eyes, in fact he was lucky to have not permanently damaged his eye-sight as Rina Sethi, director, Arunodaya Desert Eye Hospital, Gurgaon, states that “Even when you clean and disinfect lenses and lens cases, they become coated with germs and protein over time. If you are lucky, you may develop just reddened, irritated eyes or a bacterial infection. But sometimes extended use may even lead to development of corneal defects like ulcers due to low oxygen permeability to the cornea…”

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