Now lose weight to gain cash!

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now comapny's will pay you for losing weight

How many kilos of weight would you be willing to lose, if your company paid you to lose weight? Plenty of Kilos, right? This is exactly what is happening in the US, where over one third of the companies are offering a variety of incentives to their employees to shed those ungainly Kilos!

With a huge organization as IBM leading the fray in this trend by offering a cash incentive of $150 to all employees, who complete a 12 week web based fitness program, how could others be far behind? A thought echoed by Kevin Volpp, director of the University of Pennsylvania’s Center for Health Incentives who says, “There’s been an explosion of interest in this”, referring to the incentive-for-health program.

Ohio Health, a Hospital chain situated in the US has achieved stupendous success by offering their employees cash incentives for weight loss. More than 9000 overweight employees signed up for the program and were armed with pedometers, to clock how much they walked per day. The more the employees walked, the more they earned, with over $377,000 already given out, Ohio Health has much more slimmer and healthier employees on their work roll!

With this trend mushrooming across the US and resulting in healthier employees, its just a time before it hits the Indian shores! So once again, how many kilos are you willing to lose ?

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