Swine Flu rears its Head again!

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Swine flu stages a comeback in india with 345 cases reported in 7 days

With 345 cases being reported in the short span of 7 days, between 21st and 27th June, it has become clear that the arrival of monsoons has not only heralded the rains but also Swine Flu, in India! And with the virus spreading in areas, previously left untouched, this resurgence has become a matter of concern for the Indian Government.

A meeting called by the Indian government to discuss the country's preparedness to deal with a Swine Flu epidemic, the meeting headed by the cabinet minister saw them arrive to a conclusion that Swine Flu was to replace the seasonal influenza strain to become the dominant virus causing fever, cough and cold!

Dr. V.M. Katoch, ICMR director-general, who was part of the meeting, stated that there were bound to be more cases of Swine Flu in the near future, as it was spreading to areas where it had previously not shown of any signs of being active. For example, the state of Kerala which had reported very few cases of Swine Flu the first time round, now accounts for 266 cases out of the 345 cases!

However there is no need to fear yet, as Swine Flu is completely treatable....

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