TV watching leads to Junk Food Consumption in Kids!

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TV ads are promoting junk food consumptions amongst Indian Kids which is leading to Obesity

With obesity levels on the rise amongst children in India, a new study conducted by a Television channel (What’s On India) has found that the Idiot Box is a major contributor to kids becoming obese these days! The study found that most processed foods products were heavily advertising themselves on all children’s channels, leading to an upsurge in the demand for such products which contributed largely to the child’s obesity.

Another study conducted by the Diabetes Foundation of Indian found that the ads of processed food products, which were primarily targeted towards children, were responsible for boosting the demand of a product by up to 54%, which in turn explains the rising levels of obesity and early onset of diabetes amongst young Indians. The study found that Prime Time i.e. from 4-6 pm on popular children’s channels such as Hungama, Nickelodeon, Disney and Pogo saw a flurry of such ads. To quote a figure, the month of April alone accounted for a total of 44,887 processed food ads on these channels!

Nutritionist Hira Mahajan agrees with the study stating that children, who are being bombarded day in and day out with such ads, are bound to demand junk foods constantly, which can lead to lethargy diabetes and obesity….to read more click here

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