Healthy Make Over for Major Food Cos.

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healthy makeover for Major Food Cos.

With Major Food Corporations being blamed for causing obesity, hypertension and cardiac problems by health activists and nutritionists, a majority of them are going in for a Healthy make-over. Leading the pack is the fast food giant McDonald’s which has plans of soon introducing its global ‘balanced active lifestyles’ in India, with the emphasis being on eating right and staying active. Similarly KFC is hoping that its association with cricket will help to advertise it’s ‘promote healthy lifestyles’ mantra.

Not to be left behind is the World’s largest foods company Nestle’s, advertising for its Milkybar white chocolate brand which shows Indian mothers urging their kids to ‘go out and play’. Even beverage giant Pepsi is planning a removal of sugary drinks from schools across India, in their effort to spruce up their image as a beverage company that do not encourage unhealthy drinks ….. while these efforts are applaudable, the truth remains that they have come owing to the recent backlash and the introduction of the new food law under the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) which is putting in place a series of mandatory guidelines for companies against promoting ‘unhealthy’ food habits.

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