Women distort their own Image, reveals new study!

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women distort their own body image, reveals new study

Men, have you ever wondered why women keep on asking the question, “Do I look fat?” every time they gaze in the mirror.  It’s because they distort their own image, as revealed by researchers from the University College London.

Researchers revealed that women's brains ‘massively distort’ their own body image, creating a shorter figure which can be two-thirds wider and a third shorter, than in real life.

The study included researchers asking volunteers to place their left hand under a board and guess the positions of the knuckles and fingertips. Participants estimated their hands to be two-thirds wider and a third shorter than actual measurements showed they were!

Based on this finding, Matthew Longo, lead researcher stated that "Our results show dramatic distortions of the hand shape, which were highly consistent across participants. The hand appears to be represented as wider than it actually is and the fingers as shorter than they actually are -- a finding that might also apply to other parts of the body."  

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