Hospitals in Mumbai unite against Health insurers

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Hospitals in Mumbai against insurers

Healthcare providers in Mumbai formed a core committee on Friday to deal with the controversial preferred provider network (PPN) programme unilaterally introduced by public sector general insurance companies under the cashless mediclaim facility.

 “The rate for a procedure of cataract is about Rs24,000 under the PPN,” said Dr Sujata Rao, president of the AMC. Thus the maximum reimbursement that a hospital can claim for a cataract procedure would be Rs24,000. “This is not acceptable as only the lens used in the procedure costs that much.”

Because of this discrepancy, 75 of the 120 hospitals withdrew from PPN. “However, the insurance companies are not reporting this,” added Rao. According to Dr Nayan Shah of Paramount Health Services, about 25-30% of a hospital’s occupancy consisted of insurance patients, and hence the insurance companies would soon have to design an array of programmes to address their concerns.

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Sudhir Sarnobat:

Sudhir Sarnobat from

The hospitals have come to defend their rights however; they also need to bring in discipline among their members who exploit the insurance system. Its fact that hospitals have been charging differential tariff & exploiting the facility meant for common good. While fighting for rights, they also need to build a code of conduct & suggest reprimands for incorrect behaviour. Else, it will become a typical trade unionist approach where power of group is used to extract benefits where ultimately the consumers bear the brunt.

Hospitals, proactively, should build & forward the categorisation criterion (they know healthcare the best & can comment on classification themselves) & ask TPAs to follow that. This kind of self-regulation will help the healthcare industry which is currently not regulated by anybody.

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