Type A personality diet plan

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personality type A diet

If you simply thought that your job or lifestyle was the only reason for your ill health and unhealthy eating habits, well here’s news for you. You personality type could also be the reason for you being stressed and wrong eating!

Type A personalities have a rushed, angry and reactive kind of behavior and highly stressed lives. They are supposedly are more prone to diabetes, hypertension, nutritional deficiencies and other such stress related problems. They usually tend to have irregular meals, binge at unusual times and consume loads of alcohol. For the same reasons they tend to be irritable, impatient and have disturbed sleep.

They are recommended a different kind of diet by nutritionist Madhuri Ruia.

She suggests that their diet should contain higher vitamin C, lesser sweet foods and caffeine; more regular wholesome meals and regular exercise to burn cortisol, the stress hormone.

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