‘Zero calories’ sweeteners actually make you gain weight!!

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artificial sweetners do not help you lose weight

Against the popular belief that using an artificial sweetener can actually help you lose weight, Rujuta Diwekar, famous author of ‘Don’t lose your mind lose your weight’, says that it actually helps you put on weight!

She is of the opinion; your total calorie consumption goes up the moment you choose a sugar substitute over sugar. Using these substitutes make you crave for more food, in turn making you consume more. Not to mention the fact that those who drink diet colas assume that they can now binge on pizzas or burgers again increasing your calorie intake.

The extra 20 calories you might gain with a spoon of sugar is nothing compared to the calories you will gain due to binging on more food. So opt for the sugar instead, it will probably keep you thinner!

Rujuta Diwekar’s article

Artificial sweeteners suger-free not risk-free

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