Interview with Jago Investor : Myths in Health Insurance

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Health Insurance Myths

A few days after I wrote the blog on the various myths in Health Insurance in India, I received a call from an excited Manish Chauhan from Jago Investor, a blog which we admire for its energy and content in educating, and now even driving customers towards Action. He was asking me if I would be interested in a Video Interview on the story, which would help make the communication of the story more effective to his readers. And here we were doing an interview over Webcam.

This health insurance video is already published on Jago Investor. Thought of publishing it here on Medimanage's Blog. So here's the video. Pardon the quality and the length. Its a long video, but I think its worth, as it unravels many myths, which you thought were true.

Click here if you cannot view the embedded video:



Let me know if you found the content useful and more effective. We could actually make more of them.

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