Medimanage Review - November Rain

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Insurance broker, relatively is a new service. With no big names attached, and funded by first generation entrepreneurs, we don't have a great recall a Birla or Tata company would have. The flipside is that we have been fortunate to have an enthusiastic team of hardworking individuals who strive everyday to make a valuable difference for our customers, providing them grounded advice backed by our specialization in Health Insurance, experience and analysis.

Like with all services, at times, the team's background hardwork unfortunately does not payoff, sometimes it does, and rarely it rains. The month of November has been overwhelming. Ok. Wait, when we talk payoffs, we are not talking about sales or numbers here, we are talking about kind words, encouragement and dream reviews from customers and people whom we admire. 

Here are some of the fantastic reviews we are proud and excited about. is a highly popular user-generated content and consumer review website on the Internet. Here's an extract of the review:

" Let me just say that I am a very happy man today and though I have had no need/opportunity to experience the service of Medimanage during the time of ’claims’, I am confident that they will be an excellent asset working for me when I need the assistance the most." Read the entire review here JagoInvestor is one of the most vibrant, content rich and popular financial blogs of our times. Go see the number of quality comments it draws for its posts to understand its relevance to people looking for financial education in India.

Here's an extract on their review of

"Some great things about medimange is their claim service and Accounts management. At the time of claim, you can rely on medimanage on handling the claim settlement part for you and they make sure that all the documentation part is taken care of. The best thing which I liked about is that they just don’t help you in finding the best policies for your situation and offer them to you , but apart from it , they have a dedicated blog which covers all the latest development in the area of health insurance and that helps you as a customer in your empowerment and be self-sufficient. Thats the crux of being a sensitive service provider and they are doing a great job in that ." Read the entire review here

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Here's one reader of JagoInvestor, Pankaj - seconding the review with his own comments. 

During action month I cldnt complete the tasks but last month around Diwali I gifted myself and my family “Oriental Happy Family Floater Plan” thru Medimanage and im so happy with their services. I received scanned copy of my policy with in 3 working days and original with in 7 working days of online payment.Local Insurance agent at my hometown tried to lure me with some “Illegal Discount” but I didnt took the bait. As Medimanage provided me with unbiased advisory and I can term Kalpesh as the Best sales manager I have ever interacted with. I tried other aggregrators also but I found Medimanage to be THE BEST and took Health Insurance policy thru them.  

 And the CrosswordGuy on our Facebook Wall:

Completely agree with Manish (JagoInvestor)... provides free and unbiased Advisory for Health Insurance.


Ofcourse, such reviews and comments encourages us to strive better.

Its great to see somethings coming to life from the time we started. Now, we have a bigger responsibility to live up to these wonderful reviews, which we will. 


PS: If you notice, there is a common name in these reviews, one of Kalpesh Chavan. Let me introduce him. Kalpesh is the Team leader of our Advisory Team at The young hardworking guy that he is, he has successfully infected all his members with his expertise, sincerity and dedication to customer needs. We are generally on telephone, hence you may never get to see Kalpesh in flesh. Here's the picture of this dude, in case you bump into him at a movie theatre or a restaurant.  

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