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Health Insurance India Community

As an organization focussed on Health Insurance services, we have an endless queue of questions from health insurance seekers and consumers. "I am buying Health Insurance, I am confused between Product A and Product B,  which one is better in the long term?" "I have made a claim with XYZ Insurance Company for my mother's hospitalization, the claim has been rejected for citing reason of Pre-existing Disease. This is ridiculous, as my mother never had any ailment when buying the Insurance. How do I fight this out?" "Why does Individual Insurance have a restricted network of hospitals, whereas Group Insurance which is bleeding, get so many benefits? Is this not discriminatory?"

 Many of these questions are common. What we have also observed, is that many can be answered by fellow consumers, who have had a real experience with Health Insurance buying or claims.

The Health Insurance Discussion Forum formally launching today, is a platform to bring health insurance newbies, experienced medical insurance consumers, health insurance agents and the experts at together as a community, to help fellow members take decisions, actions in Health Insurance.

Here's the link to the Health Insurance Discussion Forum

You will find that there is already huge activity in the forum (around 113 conversations). We had invited a closed group of health insurance seekers, existing customers, agents to participate.

Feedback welcome in the Comments Section below....

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