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What makes a superstar in today’s times?

 Akshay Kumar handwalksIs it only the glitz, glamor, parties, social fashion, that is portrayed on Page 3 or is it the grit, determination and committed hard work of a professional? 

In this month’s theme on our Facebook page, we lift the stage curtain, and look inside some inspiring professionals working in Bollywood. We focus on how celebrities working in fiercely competitive environments with super stretched working hours, and social after hours, stay committed to remaining fit for their jobs and work. 

For instance, Akshay Kumar who is 44 years old can hand walk, do Parkour stunts with such ease that even a young adult would find it difficult to perform.

Or the inspiring story of Lisa Ray, who defeated Cancer with her strong will power and came out unscathed and more beautiful.

Our heroes truly motivate us with visual incentives to work harder and set new fitness goals. Well known singer Adnan Sami is a motivation for all those who are looking at shedding some weight. His determination and discipline has helped him lose 130 kgs in one year.

There is so much to learn from each of our stars. Their confidence, positive attitude and self belief are the few other qualities that have helped them scale greater heights.

For instance, self belief and determination has helped Hrithik Roshan overcome his struggle with stammering, a speech ailment that existed since his childhood days.

Sonam Kapoor is an inspiration to juvenile diabetics. In spite of being a type 1 diabetic, she selected a career which does not have fixed schedules and still confidently manages diabetes and her work with profound ease and precision.

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