Report Card: Customer Experience Survey Review

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At, we wake up everyday to build a service which actively "listens" and persistently "strives" to match customer expectations.

We recently conducted an online experience survey with Customers/prospects, who, in the past, have interacted with our Advisory team, for Health Insurance policies.

We sent this survey out to around 4000 customers. 476 of them responded. We would like to thank each of these 476 people for taking time out and completing the survey. 

Here are the results of the survey. 

This is essentially our report card, assessing "where we are", as against "where we think we are?", as against "where we want to be". Whether we are achieving our mission of "providing personalized, unbiased advice on health insurance based".

How was your experience interacting with Medimanage?

We asked people to rate their overall experience dealing with

  • We are happy to share that, 71% reported their overall experience to be between good and excellent. 
  • Another 28% found our services "OK" or "average". 

How well did our expert advisory team answer your questions?

Our advisory teams primarily role is to solve customer's problems, answer their questions.

  • 63% of the responses said, they were more than satisfied with the solutions provided by our Advisory team. 
  • A good 32% were moderately satisfied.

How likely are you to recommend our services to people you know?

The true test of a service business, is when your customer's recommend your services. 64% of the respondents were more than happy recommending us. A sizeable 23% mentioned "moderately likely", something we are analyzing in detail, and working on a plan to improve upon. 

What are the important things you look for, when you want to buy Health Insurance?

This, in my opinion, was the most intriguing question, to understand the mindset of an Health Insurance buyer. 

As expected, there were same great insights:

  • The biggest parameter (around 80%) customers were highly concerned of before deciding on a Health Insurance, was Claim Settlement track record. Health Insurance being a complex product, bundled with terms and conditions, this was a natural concern with the survey participants. 
  • 100% of the users wanted Comparison & fact based recommendations, while buying Health Insurance, and rated in under extremely to very important. 
  • Interestingly, "Price" or "Premium", though was considered important, was not the top factor considered to purchase health. Though 65% of customers did consider it important, a good 35% mentioned price as a less important criteria. It went to show that Health Insurance customers, increasingly are looking at value of the solution, more than its costs.  

How will we use this survey: 

The survey would be disected and minutely analyzed. The findings would be used to improve our training programs, set new processes, empowering the advisory team catch up with customer expectations. 

We are listening: 

If you have ever interacted with the Retail team here at, and have something to say, you can use the following methods to share your feedback (Good feedback: Welcome, Bad feedback: Red Carpet!!)

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