The Right time to buy a Health Insurance Policy

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Though you understand that it is beneficial to be covered under a health insurance plan but there are chances that you may delay the buying decision as you do not have an urgent need to utilize the benefits offered by the health insurance policy. However, this is one of the biggest mistakes that most individuals make. It is important to be proactive and take action‘ Now’ as ‘This’ is the right time to buy a health insurance if you have not purchased one till now.

Earlier you buy, greater the benefits. Health insurance is bought to protect financial wellbeing in case of an unexpected loss. Do not wait to fall ill and then buy a health insurance buy when you are hale and healthy and have many options to choose from.

Do not delay your health insurance buying process if you are not able to zero in on a perfect plan that fulfills all your needs, instead focus on getting major expenses covered instead of getting too many things included. Look for the basic and cut out the frills.

Buying a health insurance policy in early years can also help you save your hard earned money.  To understand, when you buy a policy when you are young and free from medical complications the premium is lower. As you age the premiums rise. Along with the growing age if you contract any ailment then the ailment is either permanently excluded or there is a waiting period to cover the same. When you buy the health insurance policy in early years, the waiting period gets completed at a younger age so you can enjoy the benefits of the policy in older years when you need it the most.

Always buy an individual health insurance policy even if your employer has provided you with health insurance and you are paying for it from your salary. Your corporate health insurance plan may offer wider coverage but you cannot rely on it as it is a temporary solution. The corporate health insurance plan is linked to your employment and gets discontinued the day you separate from your organization. Also you could lose any accrued health insurance benefits like waiting periods etc from your previous policy if you switch jobs and hence have a new policy.


Health insurance policy secures you from the financial problems that may occur due a sudden hospitalization. Thus helps to reduce stress and offers peace of mind and helps you to focus your energy on getting better treatment and acquiring good health faster.

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