Religare Health Insurance Product Review- JOY Maternity Benefit- How good is it?

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The weekend was short, as usual but so very sweet. My friend Rashmi delivered a baby girl & the excitement of holding a new born is indefinable. This also made me think about Maternity insurance products & cost attributed for this ‘benefit’

I can really say now there's nothing as beautiful as the feeling of Parenthood. It was nice to see Rashmi gleaming with joy of the latest addition in the family. It is a stage in life filled with excitement, hope, fear & a lot of financial planning as the cost of survival in today’s highly inflated market is very high. Nevertheless, the high cost should not be a barrier to stop you from singing those lullabies. With some financial planning at the right time for the right product you can ensure that only your baby keeps you up all night & not the hospital bill.

So I thought of doing some research on Maternity cover Health insurance Plans.I found2 products- Max Bupa Health Insurance- Heartbeat & CignaTTK Health Insurance–ProHealth plus Plan having maternity benefit.I have compared this with recently launched Religare Health insurance plan - Joy. 

Let’s have a look at their features & benefits to understand the Best Maternity benefit plan: 


Max Bupa Health Insurance 

CignaTTK Health Insurance

Religare Health Insurance

Plan name 


ProHealth Plus Plan


Cover options 


Silver- 2lacs & 3 lacs
Gold- Rs 5 Lakh, Rs 7.5 Lakh, Rs 10 Lakh, Rs 15 Lakh, Rs 20 Lakh & Rs 50 Lakh
Platinum -  Rs 15 Lakh, Rs 20 Lakh, Rs 50 Lakh & Rs 1 Crore

Rs. 4.5 lakhs, Rs. 5.5 lakhs, Rs. 7.5 lakhs and Rs. 10 lakhs

Rs.3 Lakhs
Rs. 5Lakhs

3 year policy

Maternity Benefit 

Covers up to 2 deliveries after 2yrs waiting period
New born baby is auto-covered in the policy from day 1

Covers upto Rs. 15,000 for normal delivery and Rs. 25,000 for a C-section  after 2yrs waiting period

For 3 Lakhs- Up to Rs. 35,000
For 5 Lakhs-Up to Rs. 50,000
(including Pre-natal & Post-Natal expenses)


1st year Vaccinations & vaccination expenses for insured children until they have completed 12 years

Covers first year vaccination expenses 


No claim Benefit 

Earn points worth 10% of last paid annual premium & can be redeemed on website 
10% additional Sum Insured every policy year up to 50% of base sum insured

Increase the sum insured by 10% for each claim free year upto a maximum of 50%. 

If no claims during the policy tenure of 3 years, a bonus of 100% of your sum insured.


For 2yrs policy 12.5% discount on 2nd year premium



Annual health check up 





Optional co-pay choice- 10% or 20% for individuals less than 65yrs

Choose to pay the first 10% or 20% of the claim and the balance would be covered by the plan

Co-pay of 20% if age is 61 years & above

Pre-existing waiting period 

For Silver Plan- 48 months
For Gold and Platinum Plans- 24 months

36 months

Industry’s lowest 'Waiting period' of only 9 months for maternity related claims.

48 months for pre-existing diseases

Pre- hospitalization Medical Expenses 

Up to 30 days immediately before an Insured Person’s admission to a Hospital

Up to 60 days immediately before an Insured Person’s admission to a Hospital

Up to 30 days immediately before an Insured Person’s admission to a Hospital

Post-Hospitalization Medical Expenses 

Up to 60 days immediately after an Insured Person’s discharge from Hospital

Up to 180 days immediately after an Insured Person’s discharge from Hospital

Up to 60 days immediately after an Insured Person’s discharge from Hospital

Special features 

Platinum Plan allows treatment abroad for 9 specified illness. 

Emergency evacuation & hospitalization outside India

For silver plan, high deductible option is available

Covers medical expenses abroad up to the full sum insured on reimbursement basis.

Reduce the waiting period for Maternity Expenses from 48 months to 24 months by paying additional premium

Deductible of Rs 1 Lakh, Rs. 2 Lakhs or Rs. 3 Lakhs depending on the Sum Insured

Lump sum amount equal to Sum Insured can be opted as Critical Illness cover

Discount on cord cell banking (Rs.13000 Off)

50% discount on Pre-natal care packages

Discount up to 25% on doctor consultations & diagnostics

 Religare Health Insurance Joy is pure Maternity focused plan. It allows maximum entry age of 65years however maternity cover is applicable only up to 45years of age. This Religare Health Insurance plan has been specifically designed for maternity & seems to be exclusive in this category. Rest of the Health insurance plans have maternity as feature along with Health insurance as main benefit.

The premium for Religare Health Insurance Joy plan in the age group of 18-45 years for sum insured of 5lacs is Rs. 74,533. This is a 3year premium & to be paid in one go. It is definitely a higher amount as compared to premium rates of other products. The only lucrative benefit in this Religare Health Insurance productis waiting period of only 9 months for maternity related claims. But the question is does it make sense to pay this premium for your ‘joy’?

We at Medimanage.comrecommend that you should consider health plans which may give maternity as a feature. However buying the best policy only for maternity benefit is not advisable. Also it’s important to note that even if the plan gives some sort of benefit it is nowhere close to the expenses actually incurred for the new member of the family.

For example the cost of delivery in Mumbai’s Lilvati Hospital is approximately 1.5 lacs & around 2 lacs in The Cradle by Apollo hospital in Bengaluru. As individuals, we should plan this better mentally & financially & not depend on a maternity plan.

We advise buying best health insurance plan & saving money for the little joy in life. One important point to note is you should take atleast 5 lacs as basic sum insured for your best health insurance policy. Anything below this will not be sustainable over a period of time. The current medical cost inflation clearly highlights the need to buy an appropriate sum insured & lock it up in the early days so that when you need the policy to work it functions as expected. The initial waiting period & all other clauses can be easily by passed if right sum insured is opted.

In case you would like a Medimanage Expert to help you understand a policy, you can provide your details in the following link: Inquire for best health insurance policy!




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