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Compare Health Insurance – FAQs

What is Health Insurance/Mediclaim?
Health Insurance/Mediclaim provides protection against the rising hospitalization costs. Mediclaim is a cover - given by an insurance company - which pays for the hospitalization expenses at a particular premium (cost), in case of a sudden illness, accident, surgery, or in case of other ailments covered under the policy. The insurance company provides either direct payment (cashless facility) or reimburses the expenses associated with illnesses and injuries.
Why do I need Health Insurance?
Healthcare is becoming increasingly expensive. Think for a moment about the enormous medical costs you would incur if you suffered a major accident tomorrow or were suddenly struck by an illness. Uninsured people live with such risks every day. Health insurance seeks to shield you from that risk. It provides the much needed financial relief. You also get tax benefit under section 80D of the Income Tax Act.
What are the salient features/benefits of a health insurance policy?
Though the features may vary from policy to policy and company to company, some basic features/benefits are: 1. Reimbursement of hospitalization costs due to illness/disease/ surgery. 2. Pre-hospitalization and post-hospitalization expenses 3. Ambulance Charges 4. Cashless facility 5. Income Tax Benefit, etc.
What is covered under Hospitalization Benefit of Mediclaim in India?
Health Insurance in India covers Medical Expenses occurring during hospitalization for a minimum period of 24 hours are covered. However, in case of treatments like dialysis, chemotherapy, lithotripsy, radiotherapy, eye surgery, dental Surgery, tonsillectomy etc, the time limit of 24 hours is not applicable. This list varies from policy to policy.
What is the best way to buy a Policy for my Parents
We have a very good plan to recommend, which allows you to cover Parents upto 60 years without Medical Tests. This plan requires you [Son/Daughter] to be a part of the plan. Include Self, if you want to see details of this plan.
Is Medimanage an Insurance Company?
Medimanage is an IRDA Licensed Insurance Broker. We represent the customer, and deal with all insurance companies in India. We are qualified and experienced professionals who provide customized and neutral solutions in Health Insurance.
Thanks a lot for your support and guidance. Special thanks to kousar for Prompt service. Unconditional support at all odd hours
Ashish Atloye

Our Unique Claims Service
50+ Meticulously managed Steps
More than 50 meticulously managed steps of proprietary claim process including follow up, maintaining detailed record, monitoring and document ensuring, the quickest possible processing of your health insurance claims in India.
Specialized Claims Team
Expert claims personnel, personally interact with you and handle each claim throughout the entire process.
Claim Updates on SMS & Email
Get updates on email and SMS for each stage of your claim process.
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