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The Great Indian Guide for Baby Care - FAQsWe at Medimanage.com are pleased to inform you of the stupendous success achieved by the recently launched e-book on baby care titled ‘The Great Indian Guide for Baby Care’- a Medimanage.com initiative. This book can be personalized, downloaded or gifted to your near and dear ones for free from here!


1200+ downloads in a day - Thank you !


Following is a list of general FAQs regarding the download of the e-book, we hope these will answer all your queries.

Common Queries on the Download:

1. Why is a Login Access required to download the Book?

There are various instances where download requests could fail, due to a time-out or a pop-up blocker etc. The login helps us in saving your customized book under your login (explained in detail below)

2. I got "time out" error/Blank Page/Pop-up Blocker while trying to download the Book. How do I retrieve the Book?

In case you have got a Time Out/Blank Page/Pop-up Blocker after you clicked on Download e-Book, as mentioned above, we have saved the book under your login. Here's how you retrieve the book through your login.

Take the following steps:

- Log on to http://www.medimanage.com

- Click on the Login button on the top right

- Login with your username and password.

If you see the Member Central Dashboard:

a.  In the Left Panel, under Download Central – there is a link for Download Baby Care e-Book.
b.  This will take you the My Page
c.  Click the My Activities or My Purchases Tab.
d.  Click on the Link “The Great Indian Guide for Baby Care”. The book should start downloading.

If this does not work,

In case Internet Explorer : Right Click and select “Save Target As”.

In case of Mozilla : Right Click and select “Save Link As”.

In case you see My Page:
a.    Click the My Activities or My Purchases Tab.
b.    Click on the Link “The Great Indian Guide for Baby Care”.

If this does not work:

In case Internet Explorer  : Right Click and select “Save Target As”.

In case of Mozilla : Right Click and select “Save Link As”. 

3.  I saw the Insurance Store Page several times, after I provided my login information.
Sincere Apologies. You experienced a technical bug here. We have rectified the same. Request you to try downloading the book again we assure you that you will not find this error. Click here to download the book again.

4. I got a Server Error while downloading the Baby Care e-Book. 

Sincere Apologies. You experienced a technical bug here. We have rectified the same. Request you to try downloading the book again. We assure you that you will not find this error. Click here to download the book again.

5. Can you send the e-Book as an attachment.
It would be physically difficult for us to email each personalized book to your respective email addresses. As mentioned above, in case your download has failed, in most cases, the e-Book would have been saved under your Login. In case your Access Rights don't allow you to download the e-Book, request you to download the e-Book from an alternative computer (your personal computer, cyber-cafe's etc.) Lastly, we would request you to download the e-Book once again. We have tried our best to prevent any technical bug possible.

NOTE: You need to have Adobe Reader installed on your computer to be able to download/view your e-Book.

Thanks for the interest shown in the e-Book. Do send in your feedback/suggestions/inputs to the magazine@medimanage.com.


Dr. Abdul Rasheed of Asian Heart Institute launches the The Great Indian Guide for Baby Care, a Medimanage initiative on the eve of Mother's Day

Indian Mothers Rejoice! For Medimanage has now officially launched, 'The Great Indian Guide for Baby Care'!

The e-book was launched by Dr. Abdul Rasheed, a renowned Pediatric Cardiologist of Asian Heart Institute, Mumbai. The book contains thoroughly researched matter relevant to the Indian methods of baby care, which are written in a very simple and easy to understand manner.

This e-book can be now Downloaded, Personalized and gifted for Free. Click here to check it out!

The Medimanage Team with Dr. Abdul Rasheed on the eve of the launch of 'The Great indian Guide for Baby Care'


exercise during pregnancy for smaller babies

Childhood obesity is a fast rising problem in today’s children. While chubby and plump kids look really cute, this obesity poses a great number of health risks for the child when he/she grows up. The main risk factor being childhood obesity is a recurring problem and haunts the person through his adult life!

But according to recent reports, exercising when the baby is within the womb helps to control his weight. This is good news, as a large birth size points towards possible complications such as childhood obesity. However according to researchers from the University of Auckland in New Zealand, light to moderate aerobic exercises help in a modest reduction of the baby’s weight  or smaller babies, without causing any other alterations in the maternal insulin resistance.

Maternal insulin resistance is very important in fetal development as it increases the nutrition availability to the fetus promoting a healthy and well developed fetus with a lesser chance of developing childhood obesity.

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ear muffsThe picture to your left is sure to inspire a variety of ‘aww’s’ and ‘choo chweet’s’ from you! But did you know that ear muffs, apart from boosting the already high levels of ‘cute’ which all babies come naturally endowed with, also protects their sensitive hearing.

During the first few years of the child’s life, their sense of hearing is quite sensitive and loud sounds can damage their delicate ear drums! According to the National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health, USA, more than 15 minutes of exposure to loud sounds of up to 100 decibels is unsafe; airplane’s going overhead, loud speakers at functions, shrill whistles of trains arriving at the station, live concerts and full stadiums are just some of the many places in India, where the decibel levels are found to be beyond permissible levels and can cause damage to a child's hearing.

A child’s ear canal is quite small as compared to that of an older child or an adult. This means that a child can perceive the same sound at 20 decibels louder than an adult! Ear muffs lower the sound considerably before it reaches the child’s ears i.e. they act as excellent barriers reducing the sound before it reaches the baby’s sensitive ear drums, which otherwise would lead to long term damage in their hearing. Brain Fligor, director of diagnostic audiology, Children’s Hospital Boston, is of the view that such safeguards are necessary for the ears of today’s children as decibel levels have considerably risen in the past few decades and hearing loss from exposure to loud noises is irreversible!

Audiologist advise the use of ear muffs for young children, as long term hearing loss is cumulative and is neither painful nor does it showcase any symptoms except for gradual loss in hearing. So, the next time you go shopping for your little one remember to look out for a pair of cute ear muffs too!

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