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lisa ray cancer

The dreaded disease can no longer just be shushed into silence. It is increasing been written and talked about, take Lisa Ray for example who suffered from Cancer of white blood cells who actively blogged and tweeted about it, even posting bald pictures of herself !

It is important that we become more about this disease because number of people suffering from cancer is predicted to reach epic proportions. Currently there are 30 lakh people suffering from cancer today, by 2020, WHO predicts that this number is going to triple and then grow at the rate of 20% each year, double that of our GDP, if you notice.

Here is why you must take note of cancer,

  • Pollution, sedentary lifestyle, unhealthy diet and irregular habits and stress increase the risk.
  • Early detection can lead to recovery (Lisa ray had a  blood cell transplant is much better today)
  • It affects people of all age. Incidents in young Indians are increasing.
  • Cancer treatment is expensive and can severly affect the finances of your family

To read more about the India’s Cancer epidemic, read this article in TOI Crest, http://bit.ly/9zTQq3

Priyanka Parab , 13. February 2010, 10:33

Chocolate is good!Please steel yourself! For the following news might just elate you beyond control!

An analysis of an already available report stated that Chocolate; yes the brown slab of chocolaty heaven, may reduce your chances of suffering a stroke! The report further stated that our beloved chocolates contain Flavonoids, a type of anti-oxidant that is known to prevent stroke and also reduce our chances of suffering from any heart problems!

Don’t believe it, do you? Well here are some facts from another study conducted on the health benefits of chocolate, the study found that 44,489 people who ate one serving of chocolate per week over a period of time, had a 22% reduced chance of suffering a stroke, as compared to those who didn’t have chocolate at all! Another study conducted on the same topic found that 1,169 people who consumed 50 grams of chocolate at least once a week had a 46% less chance of dying after suffering a stroke.

And just when you almost believed all those detractors who told you that chocolate is bad for your health, comes another report which states that Dark chocolate helps protect you against Cancer! William Li, Head of Angiogenesis Foundation, believes dark chocolate joins the illustrious league of foods that help fight cancer by choking off blood supply to the cancerous tumors. Lee believes that foods we eat daily such as Garlic, Red Grapes, soy and the teas are as good as chemotherapy!

Now, what were those chocolate detractors saying about chocolate NOT being good?!

To read more, click here…

Smoking killsmokes, that you know! Second hand smoke can cause cancer that too, you knew! But did you know that third hand smoke can cause Cancer too! Bet you didn’t know that?

A recent study conducted in the US, found that third hand smoke clings onto surfaces, long after the cigarette has been smoked!, Third hand smoke, to be more specific, is the tobacco residue or tobacco specific nitrosamines (TSNA), which are formed when nicotine released into the air after smoking reacts with nitrous acids, a common compound!

Researchers suggested a good clean up of the smoking area, as smoking releases nicotine in the vapor form which is absorbed quickly by walls, floors, furniture, drapes, rugs etc. Nicotine tends to cling onto these surfaces for quite a long time! Researchers particularly warned against tobacco specific nitrosamines (TSNA) as they are the most active and potent of carcinogens to be found in tobacco smoke and tobacco!

The study revealed that infants and children were at high risk from the cancer causing nitrosamines which cling to indoor infrastructure, as they were most likely to pick it up from the floor or table tops. To know more, click here..

Priyanka Parab , 23. January 2010, 14:22

Come winter and one common statement resonates all over India “Ek garma garam Chai ho jaye!”. Not anymore! A recent study conducted by the Tata Memorial Hospital (TMH) states that drinking your steaming hot cup of tea can make you 4 times more prone to Oesophageal Cancer!

According to the study, drinking hot tea causes thermal injury to the oesophageal lining and given our (India) extreme affinity for the Chai, it puts us at more risk than others. Quite sad, but true.

The report also stated that drinking hot coffee had no such repercussions, but eating spicy and hot food could cause harm to the Oesophagal lining. So, the next time you find yourself with a hot cup of tea in your hands, blow a little on it.

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