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Kids addicted to the internet

In today’s internet age, almost all of us have a broadband connection in our homes. From internet connection in our PC’s to net connection in our laptops, notebooks and cell phones too, net connection is available at our finger tips. Under such conditions most parents, typically working parents, in urban cities, are either unaware or not in control of the amount of time their children spend on the net.

There is a lot to do on the net. From social networking sites, emails, gaming to videos, songs, etc. it doesn’t take long for kids to get lost in the vast amount of entertainment.

More than half of the kids between ages 8-18 are spending an average of about 5+ hours every day on the net! It is not a phase, he isn’t simply becoming a loner, he is becoming an internet addict!

Becoming hooked on to the net for the right reasons like getting information for a project or reading up about something is to a certain extent acceptable but most children are busy socializing or playing games which can turn out to be pretty harmful. So it is of utmost priority that you limit and supervise the number of hours your child is on the net!

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must have medicines in your medicinal cabinetThe Khan’s had returned home at midnight, from a 7 day trip to a neighboring state, where they had indulged in all kinds of adventure sports ranging from bungee jumping to scuba diving! No wonder the Khan’s were a bunch of sore shoulders and stiff joints, but what they hadn’t bargained for was their youngest son falling sick upon reaching home.

As it was midnight, the Khan’s could not go to a doctor and since it was just a mild fever they decided to not go to the hospital, but on checking their medicine cabinet, Mrs. Khan found that they were out of crocin, the popular drug used to treat mild fevers and flu’s. The helpless Khan’s spent a sleepless night, keeping a watch on their son’s increasing fever… this could well have been avoided had the khan’s known about some must-have medicines for their cabinet!

We all buy strips and strips of tablets, bottles of syrups and end up storing them in our medicine cabinet, where they lie till their expiration date runs out! While we buy all kinds of medicines for our cough’s, cold’s, fever’s and flu’s, we never know the right medicine to buy; we end up buying all kinds of medicines and in the process miss out on the most needed medicines, as seen in the case of the Khan’s.

All of this can be handled in a better and faster way, if we just had a list of some of the must-have medicines in our medicinal cabinet, while adults are advised to keep Gelusil - acidity, Domstol - nausea and vomiting,  ORS (Oral rehydration salts) – Dehydration, Allegra - various allergies and Silverex – Mild burns, for their  medical conditions. Similarly parents of children are advised to keep Benadryl - Cough, Crocin, Paracetamol- Mild fevers and Otrivin – Nasal drops to clear congestion in their medicinal cabinets as medicines to treat commonly occurring conditions in their children.

While the above mentioned medicines are over the counter medicines, it would be advisable to consult the doctor before administering them to yourself or your children. Also please do remember to never self- medicate and always to check with the doctor before hand.

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Smoking killsmokes, that you know! Second hand smoke can cause cancer that too, you knew! But did you know that third hand smoke can cause Cancer too! Bet you didn’t know that?

A recent study conducted in the US, found that third hand smoke clings onto surfaces, long after the cigarette has been smoked!, Third hand smoke, to be more specific, is the tobacco residue or tobacco specific nitrosamines (TSNA), which are formed when nicotine released into the air after smoking reacts with nitrous acids, a common compound!

Researchers suggested a good clean up of the smoking area, as smoking releases nicotine in the vapor form which is absorbed quickly by walls, floors, furniture, drapes, rugs etc. Nicotine tends to cling onto these surfaces for quite a long time! Researchers particularly warned against tobacco specific nitrosamines (TSNA) as they are the most active and potent of carcinogens to be found in tobacco smoke and tobacco!

The study revealed that infants and children were at high risk from the cancer causing nitrosamines which cling to indoor infrastructure, as they were most likely to pick it up from the floor or table tops. To know more, click here..

When innocence, curiosity and the simple joys of young lives are replaced by stress, depression and other negative factors alike, what you are left with is a spate of suicides, with no end in view! 

The recent ‘Epidemic’ of student suicides has hit the city with more force than a Tsunami! An alarming rise in the number of stress related suicide cases amongst young students all over the country has given rise to some very pertinent questions. Questions such as ‘Who is responsible for this fatal stress build up in students? The parents or the education system?, ‘Is it high time that the education system itself is revamped?’, ‘Are movies like 3 idiots really responsible for such suicides?’ etc…

Given the emphasis on the rote learning nature of our education system, many students are simply unable to cope up. However the ‘No Mercy’ mindset adopted by the parents and society alike towards academic failure has done nothing but add to the ever increasing mountain of stress for the students.

This stress coupled with the depression of not being able to meet the heightened expectations of parents, peers and themselves too, many students are giving up! Young minds which are not conditioned to deal with such stress and depression are bound to break down, the result of which is for all of us to see.

Exploring the views of those directly affected, a leading daily conducted a survey which reported that while 71% of the student community blamed pressure and competition, 62% blamed parental expectation and pressure, surprisingly 27 %, a very small percentage of those interviewed found the education system alone to be at fault.  A mere 3% agreed with movies being the reason behind these suicides!

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