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this world hypertension day know all that there is to know about hypertension or High BP

With the entire world observing 'World Hypertension Day' today, we are reminded that Hypertension or High BP still lives up to its 'Silent Killer' fame with almost 24-30% of India's urban population in its clasp.

What's more shocking is that, most of the individuals are clueless about their hypertensive state until it gets discovered in a routine check-up! Plus with the disease justifying its silent killer name by not showing any symptoms till it reaches an advanced state wherein it affects a person’s vital organs such as heart, kidney, liver, eyes and memory, which makes a BP check up necessary.

*A normal BP reading should read 120/80 with 120 being the systolic and 80 being the diastolic reading, one should always strive to keep their Blood Pressure close to the 120/80 margin or else they run the risk of a having a heart attack, stroke, vision loss and cognitive impairment*

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Nurses from Pooja Nursing Home with their gifts, courtesy Medimanage.com on the eve of International Nurses Day

Before we begin, we would like to ask a simple question to everyone “Do you remember the name of the nurse who helped deliver you as a baby?”

While we know that the question seems absurd, as one cannot be expected to remember a single random name after a gap of 10-20 years! But doesn’t it go to show how ignorant we are towards our nurses. While we may think that role of a nurse is not that important or vital, ask any doctor who is the most important person to him professionally and the answer will always be ‘Nurse’ or ‘Sister’ as they are sometimes known.

With nurses silently serving the society since time immemorial without due recognition, we at Medimanage.com decided to Thank the Thankless this International Nurses Day. The Medimanage Team visited Pooja Nursing Home, Mumbai on the occasion and spent time with the nurses while thanking them for their services. Speaking to them we realized the amazing dedication and passion these women exhibit towards their work, making the thankless scenario seem even more criminal, if we must say!

A member of the Medimanage Team presents a nurse from Pooja Nursing home with a gift on the eve of International Nurses Day

A member of the Medimanage Team presents a nurse from Pooja Nursing home with a gift on the eve of International Nurses Day




Dr. Abdul Rasheed of Asian Heart Institute launches the The Great Indian Guide for Baby Care, a Medimanage initiative on the eve of Mother's Day

Indian Mothers Rejoice! For Medimanage has now officially launched, 'The Great Indian Guide for Baby Care'!

The e-book was launched by Dr. Abdul Rasheed, a renowned Pediatric Cardiologist of Asian Heart Institute, Mumbai. The book contains thoroughly researched matter relevant to the Indian methods of baby care, which are written in a very simple and easy to understand manner.

This e-book can be now Downloaded, Personalized and gifted for Free. Click here to check it out!

The Medimanage Team with Dr. Abdul Rasheed on the eve of the launch of 'The Great indian Guide for Baby Care'


'Sardi, Khaasi naa Malaria huan...' goes a popular Bollywood song, but one should know that Malaria is no laughing or singing matter! With Malaria accounting for 1 Million deaths worldwide, most of them being from countries such as South Africa, India, Bangladesh, China, South America etc, we should be worried about Malaria, this world malaria day.

The old saying of ‘Prevention is better than cure’ stands true to its merit when it comes to preventing Malaria, as one just has to follow the simple A,B,C and D method. Where A stands for Awareness of the risk

B stands for Bite Avoidance

C stands for Chloroquine phosphate – the anti malarial medicine

and D stands for Diagnosis.

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Get healthy this world earth day

With the entire world paying homage to the Earth today on the occassion of the World Earth Day, we at Medimanage.com decided to do something different and came up with eco – friendly ways to achieve health without causing much harm to the Earth! With a bit of research we came up with ways which would not only make you healthy but also result in saving the environment!

To know more about, simple eco-friendly tips such as 

Cycling to work

cycle to work this world earth dayThe invention of the automobile robbed us of a wonderful opportunity to stay fit and healthy. The pre-car days found people walking or cycling their way to work and being generally healthier than us. Cycling to work is a good way to lengthen your life span, as a study in Denmark found that people who rode cycles daily noticed a 40% decreased rate in mortality as compared to their non-cycling counterparts.

Moreover cycling is a good form of exercise that not only helps you burn you more calories and lose weight but it also helps you lower your LDL –bad cholesterol levels and increase your HDL- good cholesterol levels along with protecting the rider from heart diseases and obesity!

So, what are you waiting for? Hop on to that cycle and leave the car and its pollution in the garage and simply pedal your way to work a la ‘Salman Khan’. 

Exercising outdoors

exercising outdoors makes you healthy and helps save electricityTaking the gym to the outdoors has many health benefits beginning with helping you burn up to 30 % more calories than you would if you were to exercise indoors! Plus the fresh air outside contains much more oxygen than any high tech gym could ever provide you, making your ‘exercising session’ much more healthy. Exercising outdoors in the mornings is a good idea, as the early morning exposure to the sun helps you get a good dose of Vitamin D.

Moreover, exercising outdoors means you are not on the gym machines which use electricity to function, meaning that you are conserving electricity and thereby making the earth just a little bit healthy in the process!


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Many people would give an arm and a leg to achieve good health without having to exercise, eat right, sleep right and so on… In fact now-a-days, everyone wants that 'one' exlusive short cut to good health! So, we at Medimanage.com decided to go ahead and do just that on this ‘WORLD HEALTH DAY’.

We went ahead and simplified the puzzle that is good health for you by asking 8 top, leading health experts from around India about the one health tip they would give you on World Health Day, which would set you on the path towards a healthier you!

Dr. Panda, Vice Chairman and Cardio Vascular Thoracic Surgeon, Asian Heart Institute.

healthy heart this world health dayWalk your way to good health! Regular exercise helps improve immunity & gives a sense of wellbeing. Endomorphin- a mood enhancer is secreted with regular exercise. When you go up, your blood pressure goes down… so climb the stairs for a healthier heart!

Dr. Anjali Mukerjee, M.D. (A.M) Nutritionist, Researcher, Columnist, Author and Founder, Director - Health Total

eat healthy this world health day

Staying healthy is a journey, not a destination. Looking young and beautiful begins with good health and can be achieved by minor corrections in our eating and living habits. A daily glass of raw vegetable juice like carrot, amla, mixed vegetables is rich in anti-oxidants, enzymes and removes toxins, and digests food better. Control stress as it suppresses the immune system and our mind which is the biggest contributor to diseases.

Mickey Mehta, India’s leading Holistic Health and Fitness Guru

healthy living this world health dayI hope everyone gets responsible towards their self health and the health of our mother earth. A vibrant health condition will certainly bring about love peace and harmony. Wish you all a very happy World Health Day.

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tired at the gymHow would you feel, if you were given the choice between working out just one day in the gym as opposed to working out 7 consecutive days that too with the same result? Awe-struck, right?

Jan Helgerud, of the Norwegian University of Science and Technology, is of the opinion that the intensive work out designed for Olympic level athletes can very well work for each one of us! This technique, known as interval training concentrates on short bursts of intense physical exercise with breaks after every short burst.

In a study done on the benefits of interval training, Scientists found that when compared with traditional exercise, it doubled the individual’s endurance! Strength and speed also were found to be showing remarkable improvement in the territory of 10-15%.

Short bursts in interval training include four 4 minute bouts of hard cycling or sprinting with a 3 minute break after every short burst. Other physically taxing sports such as rowing or swimming should also work, says Jan Helgerud. He adds that interval training is twice as effective as normal work out sessions! To sum it up in an interesting analogy, he says that ‘Think of interval training, as a new pill that works twice as well”!

With studies in recent times, focusing on the effects of strenuous activity on older people and people suffering from health problems, having found that there is no conceivable or serious health risk attached to strenuous activity; interval training just might be the answer to your daily gymming woes!

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