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Imagine a workplace where you had flexible deadlines, flexible timings… in short a flexible work schedule itself! It would be great, wouldn’t it?

Researchers from Durham University, in England have proven that Flexibility in work schedules boosts employee health! According to Review lead author, Kerry Joyce; workplaces with strict work schedules tend to add to the employee’s health risk. Strict work schedules with their emphasis on tight deadlines and longer working hours increase stress, which in turn can lead to serious conditions such as heart diseases, depression and anxiety!

The research found out that flexible work schedules, which cut out the ill effects of employee controlled environments i.e. deadlines and mandatory overtimes; showed considerable positive improvements in the employee’s health!  

So, for a happy productive and healthy environment, loosen the strings a bit and make those work schedules a little flexible.  

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I vividly remembbe positiveer failing my Math’s exam when I was 15, I also remember everybody being worried about my lack of concern over the same. “Aren’t you even a little bit sad over it?”, soon became the question of the day and “Nope” became my answer. Now I wasn’t a bad student as it may come across nor was I a good student (after all I did fail), but what’s important here is that, I was a Positive student!

Of course I could have chosen to be sad and gung-ho about my failure and let it get to me like the others, but I didn’t; I just chose to be positive about it! I chose to work hard on my number crunching abilities and hoped to do well in the next exam.

Moral of the story here is that I made the choice to be positive! A similar statement strongly resonates in Joe Piscatella’s book, ‘Positive Mind, Healthy Heart’. Piscatella, a cardiac bypass survivor, strongly believes in the power of positive thinking, in fact he says that it’s all in the mind!

Scientists have proven that our thought process is actually responsible for creating new neuronal pathways in our brains to automate specific mental actions. In lay man’s terms if you want to change your behavior, start with the mind followed by the body! Let’s go back to Joe Piscatella here, who says “You can't change your behavior and then get positive. You get positive in your mind first, and then changes in your behavior follow” Health experts all over the world believe that people following a diet or exercise regime often relapse due to negative thinking and lack of will. Piscatella may have a weak heart, but the man has a strong mind, for 32 years he has used positive thinking to lead a normal life much to the surprise of others.

Health experts and physiotherapists have for years now have believed in the power of positive thinking along with medicines and treatments! In fact fitness trainers in India and the west alike have been using positive thinking, to add to the already prevalent health benefits of exercise. So if you are the owner of a weak heart, remember to think positive and be strong in the mind, the heart will soon catch up!

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