blood donorWhat with all reality show participants begging you to SMS for them, just so that you can help them win a competition. But now you can do much more than help someone win a competition, now you can save lives with just a simple SMS! Don’t believe it, read on.

Picture an accident, with the victim losing blood profusely! You rush him to the hospital, and think you have saved his or her life, but you’re wrong. So many patients across India are dying, as we speak, in dire need of blood which almost never comes on time. This is where the new service of SMS’ ing comes into picture. All you have to do is type ‘BLOOD’ followed by the blood type needed and SMS it to 96000 97000 (applicable only in India), and a blood donor will call you!

For example, if you need the B+ blood type, you will have to SMS ‘BLOOD B+’ to 96000 97000. And a blood donor with B+ blood type will call you! Simple isn’t it? Now to make it more simple, please do pass it on to as many people as you can, thereby saving many more lives unknowingly!